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Are you a Two Hour Hero?

DoL is a casual, adult guild that is looking for new players to join our raiding roster.

We have an active community of players from all over Europe, all of whom have the same thing in common - we are competent players and enjoy playing the game. We would love to add more players to our ranks and build the community further.

DoL is an ideal guild for those who are restricted when they can raid, or want to raid within a friendly atmosphere. Can't raid early because of your commute, or because you're putting the kids to bed? DoL might be the place for you.

We understand that real life comes first and always respect that when we raid. While we don't tie ourselves to a chair for hours at a time and pee in bottles we do expect people to try their best, learn their class and give 100%.

We raid two nights per week, for two hours each session. We won't be first to the end-boss, but we're focused during the time we do raid, so that we can achieve as much as possible in the time. Bottom line: We make progress, we get gear, we have a good time. There are no RL cliques in our guild.

Our raid times are currently: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 21:30 to 23:30 (server time).

Like most places, we have an abundance of Alts, so we can accommodate any class/spec into our team.
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